Number 1. Farming In A Right Time

Some players think that if they farm Jungle or kill jungle monsters they will get lots of gold. That’s not the only thing you have to do to get lots of gold, however.

Minions give fair amounts of gold and ignoring them will make you miss out on a lot of it. Don’t waste your Minions in trade of jungle monsters.

Learn what you need to farm before focusing on it.

Number 2. Priority

Know your game priority in each match you go into, especially rank matches. Is your priority to win? To have fun? To do some grinding?

If you play for fun or to do grinding then playing in classic should be your priority. In Rank, your priority game is pushing.

Pushing is a MOBA term and it’s the most important thing when playing a MOBA game. If you can push then do it, you will not only give plenty of gold to your team but it will also give you more control over the map.

More map control equals more gold.

Number 3. Ganking Mistakes

One of the most difficult teammates to have. Knowing how to gank is important and doing it the wrong way ends up being annoying.

Focus minions first and clear your lane out. Just sitting in the lane waiting for other heroes to get kills takes you nowhere and either doesn’t progress the game or puts you in a bad spot and weighs your team down.

Pay attention to your own lane, check the mini-map, and focus on minions before ganking heroes.

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