Lancelot Soul Cutter ability

Soul Cutter


Fore every 10s, Lancelot will complete the fencing move 'surgical promise', his next basic attack will make the target defenseless, Lancelot will deal an extra 20% damage to defenseless enemies.

Lancelot Puncture ability


Cooldown 14.0  Mana Cost 50

Charges towards the targeted direction dealing 100(+50%Total Physical ATK) points of damage, the target will be etched with a sword mark, if the target hit did not have a sword mark the Puncture's cooldown will refresh.

Lancelot Thorned Rose ability

Thorned Rose

Cooldown 8.0  Mana Cost 70

Performs an amazing sword technique within an area that may strike enemies up to 3 times, dealing 250(+150%Extra Physical ATK) Physical Damage and slowing enemy by for 1s on each hit. The slow effect stacks. (This skill only gets 40% of spell vamp)

Lancelot Phantom Execution ability

Phantom Execution

Cooldown 27.0  Mana Cost 100

After a short period of charging, Lancelot performs an executioner's strike in a forward direction, he is invincible throughout the process, dealing 400(+180%Total Physical ATK) points of Physical Damage to his enemies.

Lancelot Hero Portrait
Charge • Burst Damage

Lancelot Stats

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Lancelot Guide

Lancelot hails from the Baroque family in the Land of Dawn, where at a young age he showed exquisite talent in the art of fencing, garnering the praise of the masses, so much so that he became lost in the admiration. When the magical tribes of the attacked, Lancelot, who had just awoken from a drunken stupor, arrogantly attacked them alone. After winning a few battles, he dropped his guard and pursued the remaining forces in arrogance but soon the magical tribes regrouped and defeated him within the mountains. After coming in contact with Princess Odette, he soon became enamored with her purity and also soon understood how wrong he was to be so arrogant and shallow in the past. When he was recovering at the Swan Castle, Lancelot soon realized the magical potential of the Regina family, culminating in the shadow step maneuver. Now he once again sets foot in the fighting ring to test his new skills.

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Recommended Gear for Lancelot

Sustained DPS


DPS, Jungle

Lancelot Skins

Perfumed Knight

Masked Knight

Christmas Carnival

Royal Matador