Khufra Spell Curse ability

Spell Curse

Khufra activates the Spell Curse left by Esmeralda every several seconds to increase the range of the next basic attack, dealing Magic Damage equal to (+120% Total Physical Attack) plus 8% of Max HP and slows them down. Meanwhile, Khufra restores 6% of his Max HP. Each time Khufra uses his skills to control enemy heroes, Spell Curse's CD is reduced by 4 seconds

Khufra Tyrant's Revenge ability

Tyrant's Revenge

Khufra pulls the bandage on his arms to launch himself in the specified direction, dealing Physical Damage equal to 50 plus 10 (+1.5% Physical Attack)% of his max HP to all enemy units on the path. When blinking to the furthest distance or encountering a first enemy hero, Khufra will immediately stop and deal Physical Damage equal to 50 plus 10(+1.5%Extra Physical Attack)% of Max HP to enemies nearby and then knock them up.

Khufra Bouncing Ball ability

Bouncing Ball

Khufra uses bandage to wrap himself into a magical bouncing ball, increasing his own Physical & Magical Defense by 75%. Enemies trying to use blink skills to move across Khufra will be knocked up. Each time the magical bouncing ball hits the ground, it will deal Magic Damage equal to 30 plus 8(+1.5%Extra Physical Attack) of max HP to enemies nearby and reduce their movement speed.

Khufra Tyrant's Rage ability

Tyrant's Rage

Khufra pulls back all enemy targets around him toward the front, dealing 300(+100%Total Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage and slowing them down for 1.25 seconds. If the enemies are knocked against walls, an extra Physical Damage equals to 150% of this skill's damage will be inflicted upon them, and they will be stunned, instead of slowed.

Khufra Hero Portrait
Crowd Control

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Khufra Skins

Desert Tyrant

Desert Owl