Harith Key Insight ability

Key Insight


Harith gains insight from his Key. He immediately gains up to 60% Resilience (dependent on the number of nearby enemy heroes). After casting skills 3 times. Harith's next Synchro Fission deals higher damage

Harith Synchro Fission ability

Synchro Fission

Cooldown 5.0  Mana Cost 50

Harith creates a phantom of himself in the Opposite direction and charges towards each other at the center, dealing 120 (+60% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage to all enemy units on the path. When the 2 Harith's fuse together, an explosion occurs dealing 240-515 (+100% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage to all enemies nearby.

Harith Chrono Dash ability

Chrono Dash

Cooldown 10.0  Mana Cost 90

Harith dashes to a designated direction. When he arrives, he steal the Magic Attack of nearby enemy heroes and generates a shield that absorbs at least 300-500 (+180% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage. Harith's next basic attacks deals 250-400 (+80% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage and slows the enemy by 70%. Hitting an enemy with Harith's enhanced basic attack reduces the cool down of the next Chrono Dash by 4s.

Harith Zaman Force ability

Zaman Force

Cooldown 40.0  Mana Cost 120

Harith uses his Key to summon the Zaman Force. When the multidirectional rift appears, the next cool down of Synchro Fission is reduced by 4s. The rift then immobilizes nearby enemy heroes for 1.2s and slows them by 50% for a period of time. (If Harith comes into contact with the rift when using Chrono Dash, he will absorb the energy within it, so as to reduce the cooldown of the next Synchro Fission and Chrono Dash by 1s and 4s, respectively)

Harith Hero Portrait

Harith Stats

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Harith Guide

In the Magic Forest lives the race of gremlins. They’re small, naughty creatures with high intelligence and independent traits. They have been the most faithful ally to the Moon Elf since the history begins.

Harith was born with outstanding mind, he soon became the best wizard among the Feline Race. The Feline People are a peaceful kind that seeks tranquility. They have never stepped out of the Magic Forest once. But Harith is troubled by the peaceful life to the point that he had once abandoned practicing magic. His inner desire for transcendence drove him out of the Magic Forest and he went to the Empire Moniyan, in a bid to find a place where his talent can be fully revealed.

He joined the Imperial Troop and became a rising star in the battles against the Orc invaders, thus he was recognized by Tigreal and the Emperor. Harith was loved by the Moniyan people. As a Feline person, he was nominated the Magic Lieutenant and the Imperial Wizard of Seal. He was also given the power to keep the Key of Light, which has the power to teleport things. The young Magic Lieutenant was then assigned to seal the evil powers marked on the Imperial Scroll. The desire for adventure was again ignited in Harith’s heart. Though he knew he will be targeted as the Wizard of Seal, he still chose to burden the destiny of suffering nostalgia and dangers. He acts in a mysterious way that no one could find the trace of him, but whenever the Empire needs help, the Wizard of Seal shows up.

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