Franco Wasteland Force ability

Wasteland Force


Increases movement speed by 10% and regen 1% of max health per second if not hit in a short time.

Franco Iron Hook ability

Iron Hook

Cooldown 15  Mana Cost 105

Launches an iron hook toward a unit or location. The hook will snag the first unit it encounters, dragging the unit back to Franco and dealing 550(+100Total Physical ATK) physical damage.

Franco Fury Shock ability

Fury Shock

Cooldown 8  Mana Cost 40

Lashes out and terrifies enemies, dealing 275(+100%Extra Physical ATK) Physical Damage to nearby enemies and slowing their movement speed 70%, lasting 1.5s.

Franco Brutal Massacre ability

Brutal Massacre

Cooldown 38  Mana Cost 110

Suppresses an enemy unit with 6/ hacks in a row, disabling it and dealing 60(+70%Total Physical ATK) physical damage per each hit.

Franco Hero Portrait

Franco Stats

Movement Speed


Physical Attack


Magic Power




Magic Resistance






Attack Speed


Hp Regen


Mana Regen


Basic Attack Crit Rate


Ability Crit Rate


Franco Guide

Video by Bobibuubs


Hey everyone, this is a quick mini guide to give you an idea of how to play the character Franco. Watch the video above first then refer to the information down below.

Franco is a Tank role character with great Durability making him able to take a lot of damage. Using him to clear out minion waves is highly effective.

In game strategies

Franco’s first skill is a great ability giving him reach and an ability to pull enemies towards you. So having Franco attack from bushes and in hiding is a great way to utilize his skill.

Its also a great use when the target is engaged with someone else. Using the skill and cornering the target between Franco and another team mate makes for a good combo.

Some good combos lie within Franco’s abilities by using them in specific orders. The most effective is to use his first skill, then third, then his second if the target is away from you.

If you’re in close range use his third skill, his second, then his first. It’ll deal some nice and heavy damage.

Franco is able to play a wide range of roles despite being a set Tank. He can be a Tank, Ganker DPS, or a Tank Support.

Having a high durability and armor rating makes him an amazing Tank so being a damage sponge is a great use for Franco. His high damage on skills however is what makes him a good DPS character allowing him to handle enemies within seconds.

As for Tank Support the only real difference is your item builds. They’ll be based on items that give better buffs to your team and yourself.

Franco isn’t to hard to get the hang of and is a great Tank for players just starting out.

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Recommended Gear for Franco

Team Buff

Continuous Damage


Franco Skins

Frozen Warrior

Wasteland Butcher