Fanny Air Superiority ability

Air Superiority


According to flying speed , Fanny's damage while flying can increase by 15% ~ 30% and will leave a Prey mark to the target which can stack up to 2 times. Dealing damage to enemies with the Prey marks will regen energy for Fanny (10 per stack). (Energy gained from dealing damage to multiple enemy heroes in a short time decays)

Fanny Tornado Strike ability

Tornado Strike

Cooldown 3.5  Mana Cost 25

Whirls her blade, dealing 260(+90%Total Physical ATK) Physical Damage to nearby enemies.

Fanny Steel Cable ability

Steel Cable

Mana Cost 18

Throws out a cable that draws her to the first obstacle that it hits. Each successive use within 3s will decrease mana cost 1. If energy is sufficient, Tornado Strike will be triggered.

Fanny Cut Throat ability

Cut Throat

Cooldown 35  Mana Cost 30

Initiates an attack on an enemy, dealing 500(+240%Extra Physical ATK) Physical Damage. If it hits an enemy with a Prey marker, damage will increase 20% per stack.

Fanny Hero Portrait
Reap • Charge

Fanny Stats

Movement Speed


Physical Attack


Magic Power




Magic Resistance






Attack Speed


Hp Regen


Mana Regen


Basic Attack Crit Rate


Ability Crit Rate


Fanny Guide

video by iFlekzz

Hello everyone this is a mini guide to help you learn some tips and tricks on playing the character Fanny. Above is a video that gives some good points on the character so watch it first then refer to the guide.

Fanny is an Assassin character with a high difficulty curve making her harder to learn than other heroes. This little guide is designed to help you get a better feel of how to play Fanny.

Fanny Setup

For setting up Fanny before the match you have the basic things you need to work on for her. Builds, Abilities, and Emblems.

The best build for Fanny to use is the Continuous Damage build. It makes it so her attacks are quick, deal heavy damage, and gives her better survivability.

The best ability for Fannt is interference. This ability silences defense turrets for 3-5s and lowers their defense 10. Basically making turrets a piece of cake for Fanny to tear through

As for her emblem set you want to use the physical emblems. This set will make her hit harder, faster, and last longer and that’s what you wanna go with when playing Fanny.

In game basics

The first thing to do at the start of any match is get Fanny the blue buff. So head into the jungle and slay the monsters there until you achieve that specific buff.

Once you get the blue buff head to the top lane and start overwhelming the first turret area with Interference. It’ll make it real easy to take out whatever hero is there to defend it.

Once you’ve handled some of the minions and the hero in top lane head down to another one.

After you’ve healed up from the top lane you’re basically going to be playing the entire map as Fanny. Going between jungles to get to the other lanes to help out your team mates.

Feel free to dive in and deal some damage then back off when you need to. Wait for an engage between your team and another teams hero for you to jump in and turn the tide overwhelming the enemy hero.

You can also have Fanny go after any group of enemy heroes you want but only if you’re confident in your skill. Playing Fanny is all up to your personal play style and the more you play her will really decide whether or not she’s your cup of tea.

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Recommended Gear for Fanny

Continuous Damage

Fanny Skins

Blade Dancer

Campus Youth

Punk Princess