Alucard Pursuit ability



If it hits 1 enemy, deals damage x 1.2. If it hits 2 enemy, deals damage x 1.1. Next basic attack after using skill deals damage x 1.2 and move to the target.

Alucard Groundsplitter ability


Cooldown 10  

Leaps forward and launches 1 strikes. Each strikes deals 240(+160%Total Physical ATK) pts of Physical Damage to the enemy and slow them down.

Alucard Whirling Smash ability

Whirling Smash

Cooldown 5  

Slashes at enemies in the area, dealing 230(+140%Total Physical ATK) Physical Damage.

Alucard Fission Wave ability

Fission Wave

Cooldown 30  

Raises the hero's physical lifesteal 20% and also locks onto an enemy, deals extra damage with any attacks on the target and raising lifesteal 100% for 8s. While the skill lasts, the hero can fire powerful attack waves forward, dealing 440(+220%%Total Physical ATK) Physical Damage to enemies.

Alucard Hero Portrait
Charge • Crowd Control

Alucard Stats

Movement Speed


Physical Attack


Magic Power




Magic Resistance






Attack Speed


Hp Regen


Mana Regen


Basic Attack Crit Rate


Ability Crit Rate


Alucard Guide

Hey everyone, this is a quick mini guide to give you an idea of how to play the character Alucard. Watch the video above first then refer to the information down below.

Alucard is a fighter type character and one of the best you can play as in the game. His damage output is incredibly good and his skills are great for making him a hero slayer.


  • High Damage
  • High Sustain
  • Strong Late Game


  • Vulnerable to disables
  • Weak when behind
  • Below is a list of Alucards skills in full detail to give you an idea of what he can do

In game mechanics

Using Alucard in game is really all depending on play style but there are basic combos and strategies you can perform to further utilize him.

Using his first skill you can easily shortcut yourself around the map by hopping over walls. Makes it much easier to maneuver through jungles and surprise your enemies.

When it groups its always best to wait back with Alucard before charging head first into the fray. Let your opponents get preoccupied with another team mate and hopefully use their disables before you get there.

Swooping in with Alucard while enemies are busy is the best way to use him to full effectiveness. But his ultimate is what really pushes him over the top.

Using his ultimate for his insane lifesteal is what makes him a killer. Swooping in and surprising enemies while they’re surrounded while having Alucards ultimate going will typical clear out a group very quickly.

On a final note, your best bet for utilizing Alucard is to learn the combos that are shown in the video above. Getting good with the character will make the combos flow easier and make you a deadly force to be reckoned with.

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Recommended Gear for Alucard

Our Build

Continuous Damage

Burst Damage

Damage, Jungling

Alucard Skins

Demon Hunter

Lone Hero

Fiery Inferno

Child of the Fall


Romantic Fantasy