By Ask VeLL

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Top 5 Best Heroes for 2019

In this guide, we’ll be going over the 5 best heroes for Mobile Legends in 2019. The heroes are based on how strong and valuable they are to the team and their game when being played.

Note that this list is in no particular order it’s just focusing on the 5 top characters in general.


Gusion is an absolute beast and has been at the top of the meta since he came into the game. It took some time for players to master him but he’s an essential hero.

He’s consistent and able to do his job as an Assassin and no matter who you’re going against he pretty much has a place within every single Meta’s in the game. And this makes him one of the best Assassins and heroes in the game.

He works with several different team comps. You can use him with a rushing comp, a non-aggressive comp, and he just works in so many areas in the game.

Even with all these new characters coming into the game. Gusion is still one of the best Assassins and shouldn’t be overlooked.

When it comes down to Gusion he’s an all-rounder. There aren’t many scenarios you can put him in where he will not thrive.

Now, obviously, the meta is gonna shift so we’ll see how it goes in the future. But for now, Gusion is one of the best.


Next up is Harith. Now, Harith is banned almost all the time and he’s rarely seen in most matches. Players just don’t wanna go against him because he’s so hard to kill.

He’s like a Tank mage because he can get so much defense and destructive power at the same time. He has high mobility and can dominate pretty much anyone.

He’s most definitely one of the best heroes in the game. There is probably a nerf incoming for him because he rarely gets play time because of how good he is.

It’s hard to have a hero in the game that is so good no one wants to play him. There aren’t many heroes like that in the game so it goes to show how good he is.


This is a new hero being released and I think that he will be one of the best mobility heroes in the game. He seems fast and has an ability that’s able to trap heroes.

It’s insane how much mobility he has basically three dashes and his range is a bit further than heroes like Lancelot. He’s able to move around fast and trap people at the same time using the same skill that gives him that mobility.

So his speed is what makes him so good. His ability to move around, trap people, and dish out damage at the same time.

I think that this hero is a really good hero for the game and I don’t think he’s really overpowered. He’s more interesting than anything I think he’ll be really popular and he’ll take over the Meta.


The next hero is Hanzo. He’s not super strong or a major threat but from the backline, he can do some crazy damage.

A Hanzo that is played right can be a real force to be feared. He’s not one of the worst or strongest heroes but with the right player, he’s one of the best.

But that meta is always changing there are always new characters coming in. So for now, Hanzo is good enough to take a spot here.


This hero is a support hero and we haven’t had one in a while. And this guy is really interesting because he’s capable of keeping his team alive and making it so his team never goes down.

He’s a very powerful hero who can keep his entire team from going down for a brief moment. So let’s say you’re in a team fight with your entire team and you die.

Basically, the team that just kills you has to fight you again after you die. Once Faramis hits his ultimate whoever goes down comes back to life.

So you can bring back anyone who’s part of the fight making it pretty insane. It basically gives you double heroes on the front line depending on how you use his power.

It gives a massive safety net to characters who play and make mistakes giving more room for strategies revolved around it. I definitely think Faramis is going to have an impact on the meta and he’s one of the heroes a lot of people have been waiting for.