Karina is one of the strongest assassins of the game, she can easily one v one most of the game’s heroes. However, even she stands out because of her awesome offensive power, there are some situations in which we wouldn’t be able to take advantage of it.

If you want to know how to one-shot everyone in the arena, follow me in this guide to know in depth this aggressive elf.


COMBO HIT:  After attacking a target twice in a row, the third attack will deal extra true damage to the target that equals to 8% of enemy’s lost HP.

Her passive is one of the best Karina’s abilities and it is very important to take advantage of it, try to always hit at least three times to get this bonus damage. It is important to know that you can active this effect by hitting the target with other ability not only with autoattacks.


ELUSIVENESS: Karina enters a state of Elusiveness for 3 seconds, making her immune to basic attacks and increasing 35% of her movement speed. In this state, her next basic attack will slow down the enemy and must be a critical hit, dealing extra 165/175/185/195/205/215 pts of magic damage. Getting a kill or an assist will reduce this skill’s cooldown by 60%.

This ability has a lot of aspects that we will be talking about one by one. Let´s start with the passive effect of this skill, every time you get a kill or an assist you recover 60% of this skill cooldown, you need to get this in your mind when you are playing Karina because it let you be more aggressive.

As the cooldown of this skill is about 6 seconds and it gives you 3 of immunity you can use this to gap closer, kill someone and use it again to escape with the immunity and the movement speed buff. Finally, the first hit you will do after using this skill will slow your target which gives you an advantage chasing enemies.


DANCE OF DEATH: Brandishes double swords, dealing 260/280/300/320/340/360 pts of magic damage to surrounding enemies. Getting a kill or an assist will reduce this skill’s cooldown by 60%.

One more time, this skill’s cooldown get reduced every time you get a kill or an assist, just keep it in mind to spam it more, but it is not as relevance as the elusiveness one. It is a simple ability and the base of his damage because combining it with your passive you can do tons of damage.

SHADOW RUSH:   Rapidly rushes toward a target, dealing 430 pts of magic damage. Killing any enemy hero will immediately end this skill’s cooldown. An assist will lower this skill’s cooldown by 80%.

And here is the nightmare of your enemies; Karina’s ultimate gives you one of the longest gap closers of the game which resets every time you get a kill and, guess what? Yes, it active combo hit like the rest of your skills. To sum up, with the correct items, you can easily get a multiple kill by jumping into your enemies with her ultimate.

Finally, you must prioritize dance of death and upgrade your ultimate every time you can.


CALAMITY SCYTHE: This is the most important item and the first one that you need to buy playing as Karina. Not only because of the stats, the unique passive of this item is the important thing here.

The synergy between them is awesome as you can hit a really powerful basic attack after using elusiveness, or by the third hit of your passive.

GUARDIAN RELIC: One of the most powerful magic power items couldn’t miss in Karina’s core, as she needs to improve her magic power stat to kill quicker her targets and get resets.

ASTRAL WAND: Finally, astral wand is highly necessary to get magic penetration, because it helps you with tanky heroes, even they are not your main target, you will need to face them some time during the game.

ARCANE BOOTS: Obviously, talking about boots, you need to buy arcane ones, to get more magic penetration


BLOOD WINGS: This is a really good item to get some hp and magi power at the same time, making you a little bit tanky and helping in your mission of reach the enemy back lane.

DEVIL TEARS: Another item which gives you magic penetration. The best thing about this one is that it is cheap and gives you so many damage when you fight one v one.

IMMORTALITY: This should be your defensive option which gives you another opportunity to continue with your explosive damage or to escape by using elusiveness.


You can play Karina in the jungle or in a lane, and depending of this, your choice will be one of this two battle spells.

FLICKER: If you want to play Karina in a lane, I highly recommend this spell because of its versatility, you can use it offensively to reach the enemy back lane or defensively if you need to escape from someone.

RETRIBUTION: On the other hand, if you want to play a jungler Karina, you must use this spell to kill jungle monsters quicker and reach level 4 which is indispensable for your ganks.

EXECUTE: Finally, if you have not unlocked flicker yet, you can use execute in order to get early kills in the game and start your fed.


FRANCO: He is a really nice option to team up with and more even if he is in your lane, with his hook, you can get fed easier and earlier.

RUBY: Is the same idea of Franco, with her ultimate, she can help you in your mission of getting kills especially for your resets.

ESTES: The Estes’ healing would be very useful during your fights, a good tip is to use elusiveness to get immunity and get healed during that time, preparing yourself to return to the fight.


There are not so many things to say about Karina’s skins, both of them are really cool and give you the same stat boost, but if I have to choose one of them I will take Phantom Blade Karina, I think that it represents better the essence of the hero than the Christmas one.


I highly recommend the magic assassin set for Karina, as magic penetration should be your main stat to improve without forgetting the magic power. But actually, you can also use the magical emblem set; the main difference is that the second one gives you more magic power and less magic penetration.

In this case, is up to you which of this two stats you want to prioritize.

Magic Emblem Set – +13.82 Magic Power / 4.68 Magic Resistance / 5.02% Cooldown Reduction / 234.34 Hp / +3.32 Magic Damage Reduction.

Magic Assassin Set – +14.19 Magic Penetration/ +9.41 Magic Power / 5.02% Cooldown Reduction / +30.93 Hp / +2.01% Movement Speed.


First of all I really recommend going to the top lane or the mid lane with Karina, but the early game will be easier with an alley behind you especially if you are facing ranged heroes as it will be hard to reach them without your ultimate.

You don’t need to be very aggressive during the early game unless you see a good opportunity to hit a short combo into your opponent. That’s important, during the early game just do short trades making sure that you hit three times to active your passive.

Use elusiveness not only to engage but also to escape when it is necessary, in fact, cooldown is not really high and you can die a lot less if you learn to use this skill defensively.

When you reach level 4, party starts, try to poke your enemies with short trades and then finish them with your whole combo engaging with your ultimate. As soon as you get three or four kills, your mid game is here and it is really important to carry this part of the game as hard as you can.

When your mid game starts, you should roam every time going to the other lanes and getting more kills. Elusiveness will help you a lot in this aspect because of the movement speed boost that it provides you.

The late game could be difficult for you if team fights start, but that is something that we will be talking about in the very end. During the late game try to split push the lanes, enemy team should defend and you can kill them if there is only one or even two enemies defending your push, if you can´t kill them you always can escape with elusiveness.

Finally, team fights is the more difficult thing about playing Karina. You have two options here and I will explain them carefully.

On the right hand you can flank your enemy team to reach the back lane and kill the weaker members of the enemy team but you need to be sure that you can kill them with a combo because if not, you won’t receive resets and it will be very difficult to survive in the middle of your enemy team.

On the other hand, you can wait in your back lane, hoping your team start debilitating their front lane and when you are sure that you can kill someone with your combo, your jump party starts.


Karina is a strong assassin hero that can win the match during the mid game if she is enough fed, and that’s an easy thing to achieve if you follow this guide. Let’s start jump into your enemies!