Sun Wukong Summons Monkey ability

Summons Monkey


Summons a doppelganger after 5 basic attack(s), then every 5 basic attack(s) will upgrade the level of the doppelganger. Doppelganger's stats will increase with the level and its basic attack will restore HP for Sun. The doppelganger cannot be chosen as a target but will be damaged by area-of-effect attacks.

Sun Wukong Golden Cudgel Strike ability

Golden Cudgel Strike

Cooldown 10  Mana Cost 80

Wukong and his clone use the Golden Cudgel to smash forward, dealing 120 pts of Physical Damage, lowering hit enemies' movement speed 2% for 40s.

Sun Wukong Instantaneous Move ability

Instantaneous Move

Cooldown 8  Mana Cost 110

Wukong and his clone launch Instantaneous Move, dealing 100 pts of Physical Damage to all enemies along the way.

Sun Wukong Clone Techniques ability

Clone Techniques

Cooldown 42  Mana Cost 120

Summons two top-leveled clones, increasing clones' physical attack by 10, HP by 500.

Sun Wukong Hero Portrait
Push • Charge

Sun Wukong Stats

Movement Speed


Physical Attack


Magic Power




Magic Resistance






Attack Speed


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Mana Regen


Basic Attack Crit Rate


Ability Crit Rate


Sun Wukong Guide


Video by BobiBuubs


Hey everyone, this is a quick mini guide to give you an idea of how to play the character Sun. Watch the video above first then refer to the information down below.

Sun is a fighter type in Mobile Legends and a very well rounded one at that. Using him for Minion lanes or hero slays are great uses.

In game mechanics

Sun can be played as a damager or a tank from his well rounded stats. So how you wanna build him is all up to your personal play style.

A great thing about Sun is his doppleganger ability which summons a copy to fight for you. Ever attack the doppleganger lands gives Sun HP so make sure to spam it as much as possible.

All of Suns skills are great for dealing physical damage to enemies if you’re playing a damager. Or if you’re using him as a tank his skills are great for taking some aggro while your partners deal in even more damage.

Sun is very versatile and pretty easy to get the hang of and with his ability to play two different roles makes him a go to for many players. Just use him often and learn how he controls and you’ll be good to go.

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Recommended Gear for Sun Wukong


Continuous Damage

Damage, Jungling

Sun Wukong Skins

Monkey King

Battle Buddha